TERMITE CARE (Termite Control)

Without periodic inspection of your property, termite can remain undetected for years. Some of their signs show up unexpectedly, while others are detected only during renovations.

PCS HI-Care's termite care provides guaranteed comprehensive termite control solution to all kind of structure. We offer pre-construction and post-construction termite control treatments once inspection has been conducted by our trained technical instructors.

Pre-construction termite treatment is carried out during different stages of the building in its initial construction phase, while post-construction treatment are done after an instruction identified in a fully operational residential or commercial building.


Termicare post-construction treatment comprises drilling holes in the junction of floor and wall, soaking them with the termiticide and sealing them. This makes a completely undetectable chemical barrier around your property.


Termicare pre-construction treatment comprises injection of termiticides and around the plinth area of the property which creates a undetectable chemical barrier around your property using advance technology.
Pest covered – Termites.