General Pest Control


Deadly disease like the Dengue fever, Plague, Malaria are spread by household pests which thrive within our homes uninvited and often unnoticed, PCS HI-CARE provides the ultimate pest control and consultation services to all type of clients for managing various pests.

We employ the best in the industry with an innovative and superior approach based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The techniques used, ensure that your living environment is completely green, fresh and totally free of pests. The consultation, standards and practices provides by our professionals who visit your home is the best and latest in the industry. They are trained to work under strict disciplinary codes and the costs incurred are minimal.

At PCS HI-CARE Pest Management, we meet our client's expectations offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value. The ultimate vision for us is to build a lasting relation with improved operational efficiency, building trust for mutual benefits. Our professionals always remain a class apart by their expertise in the area and their experience from highly professionals have a friendly, honest, loyal and hardworking team environment which ultimately result in better performance. This helps to build trust in working relationship with our client.

RAT FREE (Rodent Control)

PCS HI-Care's Rat free system integrates a combination of technological and conventional methods for controlling various rodent pests which species subsequently reduce the dangerous deceases associate with them. Thereby ensuring our client's health and property is protected in the best possible way, such as break back traps, snap trap, Glue boards and live cages. They are very effective in reducing rodent infections.

ROACH OUT (Cockroach Control)

Various kinds of cockroach problems are dealt with in our indigenous methods, which provide a complete eradication of roaches from your house. It is effective both internally and externally and for all type of premises. It involves multipronged of methods including pest monitoring, food based gel application, use of flushing agents and client awareness to create a cockroach free environment. This system allows residents to stay and carry on their day to day activities while PCS HI-Care's trained professionals are at work. Pests removed include not only roaches but silverfish too.

FLYAWAY (Fly Control)

PCS HI-Care's Flyaway system helps early detection of fly breeding source and routes of fly enter into properties thereby reducing fly population. Flyaway system also includes some of the conventional fly control methods such a: Chemical spray treatment + Fly bait application + External fly trap.


Moisture and sweet are the two ingredients that attract ants. This makes them easily evident and consequently, detectable. They give away their presence in furniture and places like baths, kitchen and even laundry rooms. Ornamental plants are also a source of food for these pests. It takes but a few adept manoeuvres for our experts to get rid of these little but dangerous troublemakers.


The flattened and oval shaped body of the bed bug is a familiar menace in five to eight weeks and lays around 200-500 eggs during its life time. They are suspected carriers of leprosy and can destroy your coveted sleep for many nights till you find a solution. Professionals can remove them easily and we are at your door step, just a single phone call away.